Biotrabis < 18

Pathological patients

With 95% sensitivity, biomarkers can reduce by 30%

the number of TCs performed. To replicate these results, we have estimated a

sample size of 150 patients for the present study.



Patients between 0 and 17 years old

with mild or moderate TBI of less than 24 hours of evolution.

Patients with mild TBI or moderate TBI

Mild TBI (GCS 14-15) and moderate TBI (GCS 9-13) the first 24 hours after trauma, plus the presence of any of the following:
  • Loss of consciousness less than 30 minutes, the first 20 minutes after trauma
  • Post-traumatic amnesia less than 24 hours, the first 30 minutes after trauma

At least one of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent headache
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Vertigo / dizziness
  • Confusion / disorientation

Recent history (<1 month) of TBI

Refusal to participate in the study

Alcohol or other substance intoxication at the time of TBI


Participating centers